The Corporate Identity Design not only concerns the big Companies. . .

Big and Small business

must develop their Corporate Image Design

The identity of a company is measured in each interaction with the market and must be consistent, congruent and creative, in every line of the Branding Process in order to create association between how company looks and what they say


  • The corporate image design represents the company.
  • The Logo Brand allows the company to be identified inside the market.
  • Help to get an easy remembrance of the main target.
  • Create differentiation among competitors.
  • Allows the creation of an Id Brand fidelity.


  • You need a good name for your company: The idea is that the name be creative, short, easy to remember and easy to pronounce; it must have a relationship with the essence of the business. The first impression that your clients will have of your company will depend on the name.
  • You need an eye-catching logo: Develop it with very much creativity based on the idea you want to transmit and the type of public you will address. It can be a logotype (word compound), isotype (images) and isologotype (a combination of typography and images). Make your logo with a Brand Agency like us with more than 10 years of experience.
  • You need an original and catchy slogan: It is necessary that it be a promise about the benefits of the product or service that your business will offer and that differentiates it from the competition.
  • You need a web site design with the products or services you offer. A professional site is required, functional and with social media management, because these factors are directly proportional to the sales level the company wishes to accomplish. It is very important to have your own domain with the name of your company. The design must be friendly and easy to handle, so that your visitors may easily inform themselves about the company, its products and how to acquire them.
  • You need Corporate Stationery: Your corporate stationery will be present in many of the relationships with clients, therefore, to have a coherent and cared for corporate stationery, gives you the opportunity to transmit the message you want to communicate about your business at every moment and your clients will remember you. The color, texts and materials will reinforce the image of your company.
  • You need flyers or Brochures: Your Publicity must present a professional image brand design that people will remember. The color, texts and texture of your business cards have influence in its attraction and ability to show the Branding of your company.

DDG JakeMate is a Branding Graphic Design Agency which help mainly starting business or growing business to create a brand design . . .

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“I had a very good experience working with you on this project. The design turned out exactly how I wanted it to look, and I am very happy with the result.”

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Processing time: 10 to 15 days.
Three corrections included after first proposal
Any subsequent changes will be charged with 5% of the initial budget.

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